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Submitted on
October 5, 2007


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[Commissions are currently closed, prices subject to change when I reopen]


Section 1: For full animations - e.g animated intros, trailers

Section 2: Icon/Avatar animations - Small icons for DeviART or similar sites

Section 3: General information - Rules and such regarding all commissions.

Section 4: Miscellanious stuff - Commercial rights, retrieving files, other information.

Section 1 - For full animations:

1:1 - These are 1024x786 0r 1024x576 by default. Other sizes can be requested and may affect the price.
1:2 - Unlimited Filesize. Please state if you have a limit.
1:3 - Up to 3 characters/props, additional characters will cost more.
1:4 - Limited to 5 seconds max
1:5 - Lineart is clean with no rough lines or shading on a white background. Transparent BG can be requested.
          1:5.1 - .psd and .xcf files of Lineart commissions are available, for personal use only, if requested.
1:6 - Colour is flat coloured.
1:7 - Backgrounds are very simple and consist of up to 3 colours (your choice of colour and arrangement, they can also be blended) and no shadow.
1:8 - No excessive gore or violent/pornographic/political/religious content, keep it Devi-art safe even if you do not intend to use it on Devi-Art.
1:9 - I will outright refuse any request for hate-art deliberately aimed to cause an uproar and/or slandering another user, group or belief.
1:10 - Cash only

1:11 - Please Credit and link back to me
1:12 - Do not sell.
1:13 - Do not alter and/or claim as your own.
1:14 - Do not create a "Templete" or bases for people to copy.
1:15 - Do not distribute without permission.
1:16 - Non-commercial use only. An additional fee of £250 (Cash only) is required for full commercial rights.

[Commissions are currently closed, prices subject to change when I reopen]

Per second of animation (12.5 frames rounded up i.e 13 = 1 second)

Lineart - £20
Flat colours - £35
Patterns/markings - £60
Shading - +£10
Complex backgrounds - +£5
Extra characters - +1/2 (Half) the total per character.

All prices are in British Pounds
(Don't live in England? Want to know what this is in your own currency? Try )

Section 2 - For Icon/Avatar commissions for DeviantArt

2:1 - These are neat and flat coloured.
2:2 - No shading.
2:3 - 2 characters/props at max per icon
2:4 - They will be made to Loop by default
2:5 - Background must be flat but can be 1 or 2 colours of your choice or Transparent
2:6 - Limited to around 2 seconds of animation.
2:7 - Filesize is limited to 15mb per icon or 30mb for group icons as per Devi-ART's limitations, inform me in advanced if it is for another site with different policies.
2:8 - Credit is nice but no obligations if used within devi-art.
2:9 - If used outside of Devi-Art, you must credit and link back to me.
2:10 - No excessive gore/porn or political/religious content.
2:11 - No hate propoganda or hate-art aimed at slandering another user, group or belief.

2:12 - Full sized versions (Gif format) are included at 250x250, no filesize limit by default.
2:13 - Full renders can be requested (Png format).
2:14 - Full version can be uploaded (by you) as a deviation but must be credited.
2:15 - Full renders, if used on other sites, must also be credited and linked.
2:16 - Larger full renders if desired must be requested before the commission starts. Prices will vary depending on the size.
          2:16.1 - Requesting a larger size than the one initially requested anytime after the rough stage will result in you having to pay for a brand new, larger icon.

2:17 - As with full animations, Do not sell any part of it
2:18 - Do not alter any of it and/or claim it as your own.
2:19 - Do not create or distribute "Templetes" or "Bases"
2:20 - Non-commercial use only.

2:21 - Linked icons are available and each icon is priced individually.
2:22 - Group icons are also available.

[Commissions are currently closed, prices subject to change when I reopen]

Simple icons - £10/ 1700 points
Fully animated - £14/ 2300 points

Cash prices are in British Pounds
(Currency converter: )

Section 3 - Other information

3:1 - All prices vary depending on complexity of the Characters and animation
          3:1.1 - Characters with less colours will make it cheaper (Not including lineart and BG colour)
3:2 - Any characters are fine, including but not limited to; all types of animals (Not just wolves or dragons eh =p), humans, machinery, vehicles, and aliens as long as reference is available.
3:3 - I will try to match the style of the reference you give me, please tell me if you want a different style.

3:4 - Cash payments are done through Paypal
3:5 - Cash payments are in British Pounds

3:6 - Cash payments are not required until a satisfactory rough preview is shown
          3:6.1 - At least half of the payment must be sent before I finish the animation
          3:6.2 - Full payment is required for the finished animation to be sent and watermark removed

3:7 - A full refund is available only before the rough is done (Points and Cash)
          3:7.1 - You may only be entitled to a part refund if the commission has been finished.
3:8 - Paypal transactions may be subject to currency exchange charges.
3:9 - Your commission will not appear in my gallery without your permission. However, it may still be used in my personal portfolio, even if left unfinished/cancelled.

3:10 - Drastic changes to the character after the rough preview stage, such as changing to a different character, adding Wings or entire wardrobe changes will incur a fine of around 50-100% of the agreed payment
          3:10.1 - In conjuncture with 3:7, if you cancel after the rough stage, recieve a refund then immediately commission a similar icon with the intention of bypassing the fine, it will be added to the price of the second icon.
          3:10.2 - Minor changes such as switching colours, slight marking changes or a single additional piece of clothing/jewellery is ok and will not incur any penalties.
          3:10.3 - Asking for multiple small changes at intervals, that slowly transform the original character into another will also incur a fine as if the character was changed.
3:11 - Prices are subject to change whenever any alterations are made at any stage.

Section 4 - Misc

4:1 - An additional fee of £250 (Cash only) is required for the full rights to the animation for use commercially.
4:2 - Commissions will not be uploaded to my gallery without your permission.
          4:2.1 - If you request an upload by me, watermarking the icon (With both our deviantART usernames) is allowed on request.
         4:2.2 - Any work may appear in my personal portfolio, even if cancelled.
4:3 - I reserve the right to refuse your commission at my own discression at any time.
4:4 - All personal information and information related to your commissions including subject, art, references and price are kept confidential and will not be distributed or sold by me.

Send me a note with what you'd like and include refs for your character(s) please.

By commissionning me, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

All files- Rough previews as well as the finished animation (uncompressed avi for animation commissions or a gif image compressed according to Devi-art's filesize limits for icons) are previewed and sent through DeviantART's feature. Other methosd such as a .zip archive through Mediafire or another filesharing site or e-mail will be used if fails or if requested. Files inside a .zip archive need to be extracted first before they can be viewed properly.

Final renders/ finished individual frames can be requested in any image format (Transparent icons cannor be sent as jpg).

.zip archives can be opened and files can be extracted in something like winzip, winrar or 7-zip, all of which are free to dowload and use.
.avi files can be played in almost all video players, like Windows Media Player and Quicktime.
.gif files can be previewed by openning them using an internet browser like Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, etc.
.png files can be viewed in any photo/image viewer or editor.

Once you have paid for and recieved your commission, you may request the files again or request any other associated files at any time as many times as you need to for no extra charge.

Commission status is displayed on my devi-ART Profile page darkmanethewerewolf.deviantart… in a custom box about halfway down the page on the left. I will always inform you first if any major complications come up but do note me if you have a query about your commission at any time.

Always note me if you have any questions or concerns.

For examples of my animations, check my Gallery's animations folder darkmanethewerewolf.deviantart… or the commissions folder darkmanethewerewolf.deviantart…

[Commissions are currently closed, prices subject to change when I reopen]

I do not do animation or icon trades or free requests.

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Angel-Neviah Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student General Artist
I really want to icon commission you but everytime I check they're closed. Do you know when you'll open again, and is there a way I can have a reserved spot or is it always first come first served? 
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Professional General Artist
I don't have a timeframe, sorry, but I do have a list of ongoing commissions on my profile page which I want to clear first before I reopen again. I intend to start afresh and not let myself get swamped with commissions like I have in this instance, so I won't be doing reserved spots anymore, it'll likely be first come, first served.
Angel-Neviah Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh, ok. D:
Tourists Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Student General Artist
when do you think these will be back open? I'm DYING for an icon :D
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
I've unfortunately let my list get much too long >< I don't expect to clear it for at least half a year. Sorry.

I keep my commissions status on my profile page to give people an idea of how things are going.
Tourists Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Student General Artist
thats ok! Good luck with them all :)
Kitsooki Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
May I note you for a spot? :3
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sure =) Just be aware that its going to be a very long wait (Somewhere around a few months at the moment). I have a list going on my profile page to give you an idea, should you want a slot, I will add you to it. Just note me whenever you're ready.
Wolflover443 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ehm how do I get and how do I give points?
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Professional General Artist
You have to buy points with real money. At the top of all pages on DeviART, two tas to the right of your username is a Shop tab, from the drop down lost, theres a Points option with your balance next to it. Click the points or your balance and you'll get a page where you can buy the points and the option to give them too. If someone is doing commissions, you shoud use their commissions widget to ask for a commission and pay at the same time.
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