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16 deviants said Other (Comment?)
10 deviants said Griffins, Gryphons, however you want to spell it.
...Fulfilling my destiny by selling Steel Axes to the hero saving the world from [insert cataclysm/monster/evil organisation here].

Untitled by DarkmaneTheWerewolf

It was a quiet Monday morning. Also, I needed to update my journel since MH4G is already released in Japan.
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Because I'm hungry!!!!
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Animator and video games nut.

Oh! Just to confuse you, Darkmane The Werewolf [The Character] is Male, while I, DarkmaneTheWerewolf [The account holder] am a girl.


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Yvantis Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Watch for you ;3
mausaba Featured By Owner 2 days ago
and here we go :P
hi Miss,are you on tonight ? :P
( i know XD im tedious XD )
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Probably XD Sorry, I felt very ill over the last week, so I sleep early a lot but I think i'm getting over it now, so time for some hunts!! XD
mausaba Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
hi B,i go online soon,if you want to join you are welcome ( i hope this time all go better XD )
mausaba Featured By Owner 2 days ago
lol ok XD we have to hunt Mr Hungry Jho :P
cynder-spyro-friends Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you know how your birthday is in november well i am making adoptables for the different months that people are born in and making them the colours of the birthstone for that month. i havent quite finished the one for november but im going to finish them all before i submit them cause people will see some months but not theirs and will probably get upset. so just keep and eye out. also just in case you dont see the submission in time im going to make a journal talking about the adoptables and linking them to the work that you can buy
Louisetheanimator Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Student Filmographer
Hi, I have a question: In films and TV shows why is it that sometimes they change the style or character design in the following sequels or shows? If you ask me I'd keep the style of whatever because I don't like change for example Professer Flitwick on Harry Potter changed in the 3rd Harry Potter film. I was quite annoyed at that.
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Professional General Artist
Most often, it's out of the original team's control. As is often the case with dreaded "Disney sequels", they keep their main team and talent on making fantastic new things but delegate popularity riding sequels to less talented teams in the company.

such is business, a fantastic true Disney film creates enough popularity to keep the ip going for sometimes 2 terrible sequels made on the cheap so the company can maximise their earnings by ripping off their consumers.

Then with film, there are a lot more things at play- of course, we all know about the change in actors for Dumbledore because the first one just outright died between films, but some might just leave for personal reasons if they don't want to play the character and pursue other roles. The company can change the director to someone else if they feel like it or they may just walk out if they hate the work ethics of their employers. One person cannot control all of these things, even an executive probably had to compromise with his colleagues on one thing or another for him to have another part of the film go his way.
Louisetheanimator Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Student Filmographer
Yeah I mean one of the most Horrible sequels of Disney were The Lion King ones because they didn't take any
advice from the original like letting go of your past because dispite Simba originally been told and understanding that
in the 2nd Lion King film it seemed as though that advice was never mentioned! because Simba went from being a good minded character with a great heart suddenly became a horrible king towards the end of the sequel which should not happen  and because of this I feel when I watch that film feel against Simba instead of routing for him and the worst part of it is that people actually thought it was a great direct to video sequel! one of the best actually! I couldn't believe how stupid some people are to think that because as a fact it should never have been made! it is one of the worst films I've ever seen and I wish I never saw it. But what I think as a wise director is animating films isn't about tossing whatever animation you want, because everthing that has to do with the animation demands it's own respect and if film makers are just willy nilly making sequel without caring about it they are not going to be the most liked people who create these things don't you agree?
DarkmaneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Professional General Artist
Theres a reason they're direct to video after all XD

You're right, and I hate just about every big film and games company for this exact reason but unfortunately, it's a system that works and works really fudging well! Thats why they're able to keep doing it. We're going to hate them, but just the thought of a possible continuation of our favorite characters and their stories is all they need to fool us and consumers like us fall for it every time. Would you have bought The Lion King 2 if it didn't have the Lion King name attached to it? The answer is most definately going to be no, right? What about the Matrix 2? Could it have been a commercial success if it wasn't a Matrix Sequel? No! And we could've been saved from a Third one if that was the case. Consumers like us fall for this everytime and we will always fall for it every time, for example, see how long the Land Before Time lasted or Call of Duty games which are still going =p

Just look at pretty much everything - Most recently, Assassin's Creed, Sims 4, Watch_Dogs, all of these big name games that are mercilessly ridiculed for being released full of bugs, unfinished and in some cases, unplayable! Yet they sold millions and subsequent games still do because we love the Brand/Company. However, actually good games that are new IPs like Okami and even Portal - critically aclaimed games that are cited as some of the best ever made just don't compare even collectively to a single game in the Call of Duty series.

The ideal would be that the directors do respect the product they're making. But this is business, it's all about the money, and already established characters and stories are quick ways of earning money with no risk of losing out if the animation is terrible so for a company, why bother? The real talent can be delegated to creating new characters to draw you in again for another Sequel cycle while an old IP can be outscourced to a crappy 3rd party on the cheap and cheerful so it can ride on the popularity of the first movie. We're going to hate them for it, but by then it's too late - We're already been suckered in and bought the film en masse by then. Disney sequals are notorious for being terrible and have been for years, yet everyone still loves Disney.

But hey, such is business =p As much as I love animation and videogames, I hate just about every company out there (Especially Microsoft and Sony... And Apple... EA, Ubisoft, all of them XD) but I want to keep up with the new games and new gaming consoles - I want to know what happens after the wonderful story of Dark Souls, I want to keep up with the people playing the new Smash Bros, I want to see the new monsters and try the new weapons of the newest MonHun game! And so does everyone else, including those who are ridiculing these games for being "Unoriginal" or "Nothing like their predecessor". What about you? Can you really tell me you're going to stop supporting Disney for their terrible sequels? because you're guilty too, your love and support of the Lion King series which led you to buy the Lion King 2 without a thought was exactly why it was a commercial success and why a Third film and a Cartoon series was made too. This horrible system works for all the wrong reasons and your morals have no power at all.
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